dimanche 30 octobre 2011

Tunisians invading Obama’s facebook page

These comments are caused by a campaign organized by Tunisian Web surfers to make laugh of Obama ! It comes after some photos of police brutality against the protesters of the Occupy Wall Street movement spread throw the network yesterday.

The Tunisian web surfers -who are know by their sense of humor- reacted as if Obama is a dictator, and as if he is facing a revolution from the whole American people. Most of the comments are telling jokes inspired from the Arab spring. Here is a sample :

1) « Eminem is arrested because of his song ‘Mr president’ ! »

=> During the Tunisian revolution, the rapper ‘El General’ was arrested because of a song called ‘Monsieur le président’ that criticized Ben Ali’ regime.

2) « Fouad Mbaza (the current Tunisian president) says that Obama should start the change immediately, or leave power. »

=> The some speech was addressed by Obama to Syria’s president, Bashar Al Assad.

3) « Obama’s plane is flying to Saudi Arabia. »

=> In reference to Tunisia’s dictator who fled to Saudi Arabia during the Tunisian revolution.

4) « Tunisia is the first country to recognize the American Transitional National Council. »

=> As if the imagined « American revolution » has brought down Obama’s government and a transitional council is now leading the US (like what happened in Libya).

The phenomenon of amplifying realities and exaggerating to make laugh is called « Tanbir » in Tunisia. It’s often used as a kind of protest against the politicians and the government. But this time, Obama is the target.

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